Talent and Resource Management

Unlike GCs, subcontractors are doing more than managing documents, they are busy orchestrating the labor, materials, tools and equipment to get it done!

Easily manage your human talent along with your firm’s tools & equipment to minimize time lost due to resource availability.

Talent Management

In an ideal world, subcontractors would have a detailed HR department to handle day-to-day HR requirements.

With new workforce generational needs, managing performance reviews and staying connected to your employees has never been more important.

Smart HR does the heavy lifting by seamlessly digitizing your HR filing cabinet and folders while monitoring and managing key items so you can harness the full potential of your team!

Talent Management
Asset Management

Asset Management

Wondering where all your tools go and who has them?

Tools and equipment underused, misused or simply forgotten about is money wasted.

SMART Assets provides a centralized repository for managing your equipment, tools, and machinery. Track maintenance schedules, service histories, and warranties. Get valuable insights into asset utilization.

From small tools to heavy machinery, take control of your assets and keep your projects flowing smoothly!