Drawings and Documents

Reduce rework and keep your field team in the know!

Our platform offers a more efficient, cost-effective way to manage, access, and share information, ensuring your team is always informed and coordinated. This consolidation saves money, simplifies your workflow, leading to decreased rework while boosting productivity on the job.

Say goodbye to relying on separate services like Dropbox and Google Drive

Project Documents

Our Project Document Center goes beyond simple file storage, enabling easy file sharing, editing, and updating with just a few clicks.

This user-friendly interface is designed to streamline document management, making it simple to collaborate and keep all project-related documents organized.

Designed to handle a variety of files and documents, offering a concise storage solution.

Say goodbye to emailing your field staff drawings and specs or sharing through Dropbox and say hello to a SMART way for your field to be connected.

Project Documents


SMARTMarkup allows you to update and markup information in layers for your contract drawings, specifications, shop drawings, and changes.

For your team that hasn't been trained on CAD or Bluebeam, easily record your as built conditions, crop information for RFIs, or update changes to details in a simplified, layered system.

Digitize your drawings and specifications for the next wave of SMART workers.