Safety Center

With safety compliance being shifted down to the subcontractors, managing and executing on safety requirements has never been easier.

Experience seamless equipment checks, engaging toolbox talks, and top-notch safety reporting.

Elevate your site’s safety standards today!

Safety on the fly with smart qr codes

Whether you have one crew or many, simplify safety with the power and convenience of SMART QR Codes!

Our Safety Center module allows you to connect QR codes to any safety form.

Strategically place the codes onsite for easy scanning and complete the forms without having to login!

Need to share the form? Simply click and send right from your device without worrying about downloading and attaching files!

Safety on the fly with smart qr codes
Human Resources

Human Resources

Most owners of subcontracting firms have some Human Resources training, but operationalizing it on site can often be a challenge.

With SMART-HR, you can centralize employee information, certifications, and training records.

Easily access your HR files on the fly and delegate information on training records in a secure way.

Safety Reports

We all hate having to do them, but fostering a culture of safety compliance not only benefits your workers, it also helps your bottom line.

Generate comprehensive safety reports with a click. Use any of our pre-loaded forms for compliance with OHSA or MOL or adjust the forms to suit your company’s specific policies.

Whether you need to complete your equipment circle check or your weekly safety talks, our SMART Safety reports have your covered!

Safety Reports