Talent and Resource Management

Managing projects also means managing your resources that include both your team and your gear.

Eliminate the hassles associated with not knowing who’s training records are expiring and where all your tools went.

Talent Management

The difference between good and great GCs is how well they manage and take care of their most important assets - their Employees!

With new workforce generational needs, managing performance reviews and staying connected to your employees has never been more important.

From recruitment and onboarding to training and performance evaluations, our solution streamlines every aspect of talent management.

Track employee certifications, skills, and training records with SMARTBUILD's built in monitoring system.

Talent Management
Asset Management

Asset Management

Ever wondered how many miles of extension cords you own or who took the chipping gun?

SMART Assets provides a centralized repository for managing your equipment, tools, and machinery.

Track maintenance schedules, service histories, and warranties. Get valuable insights into asset utilization, and optimize maintenance routines while minimizing downtime.

From small tools to heavy machinery, take control of your assets and improve overall productivity.