Project Management

In a perfect world, the drawings are error free, coordinated, people have time to plan ahead, and there are enough workers!

SMARTBUILD's critical completion monitor bridges the gap by helping your team stay on top of key items before it's too late.

Handle your RFIs, Changes, Submittals, Purchase Agreements, and Meetings all in one place, while ensuring seamless collaboration and effective project execution.


As the gate keepers and messengers of information, you will need to stay on top of the RFI process.

Ignoring and or forgetting to close out an RFI is the beginning of schedule impacts and creates frustrations with the subcontractors.

Be done with email chains and excel spreadsheets that can be doctored!

Our intuitive interface lets you categorize and prioritize RFIs while making all the relevant documents easy to access and share with the stakeholders.



Handling the volume of changes on projects has become increasingly challenging.

Whether they are owner initiated changes or claims from your subcontractors, let our Change Management Center keep you organized!

Our comprehensive system helps you issue the quote, track the approvals, issue subcontractor change orders and connect the approvals to your billings and budget with a few simple clicks.


Regardless of who is going to do the work, the clock on completing the shop drawings starts ticking from contract award!

Simplify the submittal process and ensure timely approvals with our Submittals tool.

Centralize all submittal documents, including drawings, specifications, and material samples, in one easily accessible location.

Collaborate with stakeholders and don’t wait on pesky email reminders that everyone hates & ignores!

Let our Critical Completion Monitor keep you on track!



Efficiently organize and manage project meetings with our Meetings module.

Schedule and invite participants, create agendas, and capture minutes of the meeting—all within our intuitive platform.

Seamlessly link meeting minutes to project tasks and actions, ensuring clear follow-up and accountability.

Stay on top of project progress by tracking action items and decisions made during each meeting.

Suppliers & Subcontractors

SMARTBUILD helps you stay organized with your suppliers and contractors

Connect your agreements with your project financials effortlessly.

Stay on top of certificate of insurance, W9's, WSIB, Safety Policies, and other key documents in an organized and central location.

Allow key individuals access to the contractors' files through our secured portal.

Suppliers & Subcontractors