SMARTBUILD is your ultimate answer to efficient Construction and Contract Management. Crafted from industry expertise, this cloud-based Construction Management Software suite revolutionizes your approach, ensuring seamless operations and informed decision-making. With SMARTBUILD, you’re in control, effortlessly executing tasks and mitigating risk.


Critical Completion Monitor

The Critical Completion Monitor paints a vivid picture of your project’s well-being, presenting it in a way that’s a breeze to digest. This intelligent system keeps your project team on their toes by sending timely notifications for impending and overdue tasks, empowering them to take proactive steps.

SMARTBUILD Critical Completion Monitor

Smart Financials

SMART-Financials is a cutting-edge project costing system that utilizes AIA format and other industry-standard formats to effortlessly generate your cash flow reports and progress applications. It seamlessly integrates with all major accounting software, making it a powerful financial ally.

SMARTBUILD Accounting Module



Smart Time


Isn’t it about time you eliminated data entry redundancy. With Smart Time, you’ll gain efficiency and the accountability of having digital stamps while empowering your teams  with time entry software that can be applied on their phones on the job at every phase of your project.



Smart Drawings

Scale, annotate, and embed PDFs or images effortlessly into your drawings. From lightning-fast as-builts to creating RFIs and a multitude of drawing-based applications, this feature is a game-changer. It’s seamlessly integrated into both SMART-GC and SMARTsub modules, putting boundless creative potential right at your fingertips.

SMARTBUILD Drawings Markup


Smart HR


SMART-HR is dedicated to safeguarding the most invaluable asset within any organization: its people. Whether it’s swiftly accessing emergency contacts or effortlessly managing training certificates through our cutting-edge QR Coding system (fully endorsed by OHSA and the Ministry of Labour), we’ve ensured that no individual has to bear the burden of carrying all their training credentials.



SMARTBUILD Microsoft 365 Integration Module
Take your email workflow to a whole new level of seamless operation. Whether you're dealing with an RFI, Change Order, Submittal, Invoice, or any other critical process, our SMART Message system ensures uninterrupted productivity.
SMARTBUILD MyCalendar Module
Smart Calendar inside of the SMART-GC and SMARTsub modules tells the project team of things that need to get done on a project and can assign tasks to members within an organization.
SMARTBUILD Main Dashboard
Senior management can instantly view the health of all projects and where attention needs to be focused on a particular project - easily accessed on the home page of both SMART-GC and SMARTsub.
SMARTBUILD Smart Reports screen on laptop
Smart Documents keeps all of your documents organized and in one place, making information easy to find, easy to review and easy to share, so you can get your work done efficiently.
SMARTBUILD Smart Contacts screen on laptop
With your project contacts available your fingertips, Smart Contacts lets you focus on the content of your message, not search for names and email addresses of the people that you need to get your job done.
SMARTBUILD Smart Reports screen on laptop
Smart Reports can simplify your reporting, making it easy for you and your project team members to know what is happening on-site at all times.